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At Creaity, we're on a mission to empower human potential and drive social change through learning, coaching and community.

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of workers feel "stuck" professionally

AI@Work: 2021 Global Study
Oracle and Workplace Intelligence


of Canadians are engaged at work

Gallup State of the Global Workplace:
2022 Report


of the labour force has had no employer-delivered skills training in the last five years

Environics Institute


of employees aren’t satisfied with their employer’s career support

AI@Work: 2021 Global Study
Oracle and Workplace Intelligence


There are times in life where we all feel stuck. There are so many things that can prevent us from moving forward in our careers, including fear of failure, self-limiting beliefs about our abilities, or lack of adequate resources and support.

At Creaity, we provide a safe and supportive space to help you get unstuck, recognize the incredible value you have to offer, and take the next step towards a more meaningful career.

Your Career

We are very excited to launch our new (Re)Design Your Career program. This interactive, 6-week group coaching program will help you gain the clarity, confidence, and connection you need to take the next step in your career – and life!

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Human skills for a digital world

As the world becomes increasingly more reliant on technology, including AI and machine learning, the skills that will ultimately differentiate us are those that are uniquely human – including creativity, empathy and social connection. At Creaity, we are focused on helping our clients improve their skills in the following three key areas:


Increasing creative thinking and problem-solving capabilities


Developing flexibility and resilience to quickly respond to change


Deepening self-awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence

Our Services

At Creaity, we are committed to helping our clients recognize and leverage their unique set of skills, talents and lived experiences. We take a holistic view to personal and professional development, and use a combination of learning, coaching and community support to help our clients achieve their career goals.

For Individuals

Coaching services to help you better navigate your career, unlock your creative potential, and find more meaningful work.
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For Organizations

Practical, actionable and customized learning and coaching solutions to build more inspiring, creative and human workplaces.
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Our Framework

Everything we say and do at Creaity is guided by the four pillars of our IDEA Growth Framework (Inspire, Discover, Empower, ActTM ). We believe that inspiration, curiosity and accountability are at the core of meaningful change, and we are committed to helping our clients take consistent action towards the achievement of their career goals.


Reconnect with who you are
and what's important to you


Recognize and leverage the
unique value you have to offer


Receive the feedback and
support you need to grow


Develop a practical plan
and measure your progress

Our Story

Creaity was founded by Michael Kobrin, a former CPA and risk management executive who left his corporate job in 2015 to pursue a career as a coach, photographer, and social entrepreneur. As Michael began building his coaching business and working closely with newcomers to Canada, he was struck by how much potential is being lost as a result of systemic underemployment, particularly among those in marginalized communities.

Coaching is a powerful tool to help underemployed individuals get unstuck, recognize the value they have to offer, and increase their confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, coaching remains out of reach for many people. Creaity was founded to address this challenge by increasing access to life-changing coaching and career development programs.

At Creaity, we are committed to leveraging the power of learning, coaching and community to drive meaningful social change.

Join us in building a community of humans empowering humans for social good!


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